"[EmSpace Dance] demonstrated the sublimely heady heights to which contemporary dance can raise one’s spirits."

— Christopher Correa, Dance View Times

Whether to Weather (2015)

A dance play for four men. "Weather" traces the interlocking stories of two pairs of lovers, one in a whirlwind romance under the influence of the changing seasons, the other navigating weird weather and the unraveling of their long-term relationship. The interleaved stories are told through dialogue, intricately crafted gesture, song, and lush dancing.

Conceived and directed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart
Written by:
Brian Thorstenson
Choreographed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart in collaboration with the cast
Set Design:
Michael Brown
Lighting Design:
Del Medoff
Sound Design:
Theodore J.H. Hulsker
Sam Barnum
Costume Design:
George Alvarez
Original Cast:
Chad Dawson, Kegan Marling, Soren Santos and Wiley Naman Strasser