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Songs for You (2004)

Songs For You places six deeply flawed characters in a room and locks the door. Held hostage by an unseen — and possibly imagined — captor, the unfortunate characters find themselves in a situation that mirrors their mildly disastrous lives. Fragments of their stories and relationships are revealed through lush, detailed movement, as they fight and make up with equally wild abandon, struggle with strange compulsions, give in to despair, and - when there is a glimmer of hope - try to find a way out

"Songs for You was a dazzling ensemble work ... Street scenes, domestic disputes and internal monologues received eloquent delineation, thanks to Stuart's aptitude for capturing a moment and letting it resonate. Songs for You burned with relevance and glimmered with the hope that these, and all dedicated artists, might find creative fruition."
- Christopher Correa, danceviewtimes

Choreographed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart in collaboration with the cast
Music by:
The Mountain Goats
Original Cast:
Blane Ashby, Ann Berman, Damara Ganley, Phil Halbert, Noel Plemmons, Julie Sheetz
photos by Unbound Photography