"Stuart is a gifted choreographer with an eye for theatricality"

— Rachel Howard, In Dance

My First Lady (2002)

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My First Lady is a dance about the most demanding, unpaid, unelected job in America - the first ladyship. In this piece for four dancers, we look at the relationship between president and wife, and the conflicts that many first ladies have struggled with in reconciling their public and private roles. We try to make sense of the Clintons by imagining Hillary and Bill as Beauty and the Beast. We explore the ways in which the wives of presidents define their role, as prison or pulpit, opportunity or pain in the ass. The original score by Chris Froh is a collage of presidential speeches and backup singers.

Choreographed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart
Original music by:
Chris Froh
Original Cast:
Blane Ashby, Ann Berman, Deborah Miller, Jenny McAllister
October 2002 at ODC Theater in San Francisco
in Soon, and in Pleasant Company, EmSpace Dance's first full evening production