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Monkey Gone to Heaven (2013)

See it again

On Feb 11 & 12, 2017, EmSpace Dance is bringing a reimagined version of audience favorite Monkey Gone to Heaven back to the stage. We're splitting the bill with one of our favorite local performance groups, detour dance. Bonus: EmSpace Dance artistic director Erin Mei-Ling Stuart will perform in detour dance's Filaments. Don't miss it!

Dances, stories, songs and musings about primates and prayer.

Monkey Gone to Heaven is made up of dances and movement, stories and songs about doubt and faith and our primate ancestors... the possibilities of submission... a transcendent encounter with a gorilla... meditation and the distractions that keep you from doing it "right"... a girl who loses her tail... and the ways we reach out for connection.

"Monkey also stands as an evenhanded, lighthearted revue that doesn't take its subject matter too seriously. It looks honestly at fundamental questions about what makes us human and how to we relate to something beyond us. Whether that is something like an afterlife or just a better life during the here and now is, gratefully, left open." - Rita Felciano, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Conceived and directed by

Erin Mei-Ling Stuart


  • El Beh
  • Jennifer Chien
  • Kat Cole
  • Michael Mohammed
  • Rowena Richie
  • Christopher W. White

Production Team

  • Erik Pearson (composer)
  • Allen Willner (set design and lighting concepts)
  • Delayne Medoff (lighting design)
  • Marilee Talkington (dramaturg)
  • Sonsheree Giles (costumer)
  • Katy Adcox (stage manager)