"Creating spare but incisive characters and relationships is something at which choreographer Mei-Ling Stuart has become masterful."

— Rita Felciano, San Francisco Bay Guardian

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How to See Red (2005)

An exploration of human brains and minds. How to See Red draws inspiration from the metaphors used by neuroscientists, meditators, and psychoactive drug users to grapple with the problem of consciousness. We evoke a stream-of-consciousness-like experience, pausing occasionally to consider the brain as a theater, the synchronized firing of neurons, and other mysteries of the mind.

Choreographed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart in collaboration with the cast
Original music by:
Jonathan Norton
Original Cast:
Ann Berman, Maggie Connard, Damara Ganley, Phil Halbert, Tessa Nebrida, Noel Plemmons, Julie Sheetz
photo by Andy Mogg