"[EmSpace Dance] demonstrated the sublimely heady heights to which contemporary dance can raise one’s spirits."

— Christopher Correa, Dance View Times

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Continuing Education (2006)

A humorous romp through the classroom of a put-upon teacher and her unruly students, complete with desks, notebooks, bullies, teacher's pets, and gym class. Featuring projections by photographer Lydia Daniller.

"The setting is an elementary classroom school with small desks facing a projected blackboard, shadowy teacher (Ann Berman) included. Stuart works the non-proscenium stage well. She deployed the dancers along invisible lanes, both horizontally and laterally - in assembly lines, meditation poses, in gym. Those channeling attempts inevitably break down into cheerful chaos when cheerleading lines explode, rhythmic clapping dies and notebooks become projectiles. When the latecomer (Noel Plemmons) plops in like a rambunctious puppy, any hope for order is lost. Spitballs fly, bodies tumble, and the class dolt ends in the corner creating her own little universe. Plemmons anarchic counterpart is a delightful, little Miss Goody Two Shoes, Erin Okayama, who jetees and twirls through the melees with a blissfully pasted on smile and an eagerness to please everybody."
- Rita Felciano, Danceviewtimes

Choreographed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart in collaboration with the dancers
Original music by:
Jonathan Norton
Photography by:
Lydia Daniller
Original Cast:
Ann Berman, Christine Bonansea, Courtney Moreno, Erin Okayama, Noel Plemmons
2006 at CounterPulse in San Francisco
created as part of Counterpulse's artists residency program
Photo by Lydia Daniller