"[EmSpace Dance] demonstrated the sublimely heady heights to which contemporary dance can raise one’s spirits."

— Christopher Correa, Dance View Times

A Hand in Desire (2011)

A dance-theater remix of A Streetcar Named Desire that considers what it means to take on an iconic piece of theater. The format of this evening-length show is inspired by the poker games that recur in the play - there are 52 scenes of various lengths, each associated with a card. A game of hearts determines which scenes will be played, thus every performance is unique. Dances, dramatic scenes, monologues, songs, jokes, letters, conversations, live music, and a little bit of audience participation all come together to illuminate the themes and images in the classic play.

Directed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart and Wolfgang Lancelot Wachalovsky
Choreographed by:
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart in collaboration with the cast
Original music by:
Joshua Pollock and Chris Broderick
Original Cast:
Natalie Greene, Peter Griggs, Kegan Marling, Rowena Richie, Christopher Ward White
Stage Manager:
Heather Robinson
Tanya Finkelstein and Nina Harris
Andrew Darl Packard